The name Utaa-Wayu is taken from our popular ancestors names lived too many years back, for some centuries in Oromo history and it doesn’t necessarily refer to any specific region or location in Oromia.


To empower the Oromo communities, develop governance system, increase capacity and make Utaa-Wayu Oromo iconic brands of our culture.


To establish Utaa-Wayu Oromo international consortium and foster investment and social enterprise.


We value our community’s and international communities beliefs and culture; teach our culture and background as well as learning from other communities.


We put our people first,  serving our community; we encourage open dialog, listen and respond.


We engage and deliver on our promises and we understand our responsibilities.


We are responsive and make swift and decisive decisions.


We respect others and expect the same.

Board of Directors

Utaa-Wayu Oromo international consortium is managed by the board of directors which consists of trustee/founders/ and leadership team.

Leadership Team

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer & Public Officer.

Strategic Objectives

5 point strategic objectives:

  • Design and market community infrastructure funding plan
  • Build Utaa-Wayu Oromo community centre by 2025 Long term plan while hiring from council for short term
  • Governance strength – develop strong leadership
  • Lead global networks with Utaa-Wayu Oromo partners
  • Increase educational and economic participation as well as advancing cultural & social development.

Legal Structure

Not-for-profit organisation registered under the Incorporated Societies in the State of Victoria.


We are governed by Consumers affairs Victoria’s constitution under section 46 of the Associations Incorporated Reform Act 2012 and our own internal rules or objectives guidelines. Constitution will be served to members or prospective members on demand.

Who we are:

Utaa-Wayu Oromo international consortium incorporated hereafter referred to as “UWOICI” is not-for-profit Oromo community organisation that provides community services from head quarter based in Melbourne, Australia with global outlook. Oromo people are known as the largest Cushitic-speaking group of people living in Northeast Africa as the history traces back for some centuries Pouty et al. (1981). It is imperative that Oromo communities around the world build collaborative and progressive international partnership and develop social network, teach Oromo youth their cultural heritage, facilitate integration and participation in economic development.

What we do:

Utaa-Wayu Oromo is here for you, to share ideas and news, discover our cultural heritage, stories,  being proud of our  identity, promote our communities values and principles and share with others. We provide community development, encourage social enterprise, develop leadership strength, global network and partnership with our partners. We advocate for better community development and resettlement policy for immigrants in Australia.

Welcome to our services:

We provide voluntary community services and promote community infrastructure growth and investment. Our leadership team is here to listen, consult and engage with our members & supporters through communication and provide strong governance. We value your involvement, support and together we can shape our future.